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Location History:

Limitless Ink UK is situated in what was an old bank strong room where all of the cash passed through on it's way to the vaults within the building.

The old bank vaults are part of the iconic Portland House in Cardiff Bay.

The building now houses various office accommodation and businesses. It also caters for weddings and other events in it's spacious function room. The building is often also used for filming for various TV productions & films, so who knows, one visit may find you crossing the path of famous actors or actresses.

The studio is accessible from the side of the building in an allyway that dates back to the victorian times when the area was thriving from the industrial revolution, the area has lots of history you may wish to explore when you visit for your tattoo including the coal exchange where the Uk's first one million pound contract was signed, back in those busy times.

About us:


Portland House

Portland House showing studios location. Doorbell inside left hand window hatch shown with the plants on the ledge.

Portland House

Alleyway access shown from Bute St through to West Bute St.

The studio is well suited in this basement location and there is a feel of old school to the studio, due to it's Side Alley entrance close to the old Ship Lane and underground location, though the artists use the latest equipment to ensure your creation is completed to the highest standard. Customers are often met by the artists on the street due to the secluded location of the venue, therefore it is essential that contact is made with the client on arrive by a pre-arranged method, be that social media or telephone.